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About Regallis

Open….a wonderful world of furniture. Of ART furniture!

A furniture made with skill, passion and love. REGALLIS collection makers wanted to create not just furniture. They wanted to give you a JOY. REGALLIS Collection combines harmonious and balanced, baroque and rococo styles. Robustness combined with grace, rich ornamentation but not excessive, straight lines combined with soft lines, subtle and sensual. A classic always fresh, always reinvented. Back to square one.
Decorative art styles from Renaissance combines elements (grooves, straight rows and columns); Decorative elements derived from Renaissance Baroque, Rococo (rich sculpture).
Wood essences used to make furniture are beech, linden and maple. For some of benchmarks are used veneer walnut, cherry, maple peas, walnut root, raw materials deemed to have a high price but also a high degree of recovery.
Our production, keeps a decoration of the furniture namely classic dining rooms, hallways, offices working bedrooms.
The collections represent pieces of furniture which respects the same lines ornamental color and are marketed under the same name. In general collections are found in the complete offer made furniture.
REGALLIS brand contains collections of classical furniture carved and inlaid which includes over 150 pieces made from wood of the highest quality.
Each year we are trying to introduce this brand new collections, to diversify the technologies respectively finishings taking into account market demands and trends and suggestions of our customers.
We are waiting to be our partners.

At the beginning

Manufacturing process

Final product

Art Furniture & Classic Furniture

Regallis” it is a trademark of internationally renowned furniture factory SC Nord Simex SRL Satu Mare


Our passion for creating furniture

Our collection has influenced a whole different kind of wood furniture shaped branch classic handmade design to the smallest details. Regallis brand competes with the world famous furniture manufacturers.

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